Down with the dictator!

April 4, 2011

About 100 people huddled together in icy San Francisco wind in Union Square Feb. 25 in solidarity with the “Day of Rage” protest in Iran. The Day of Rage was inspired by and in solidarity with the Egyptian protesters and the wave of protests by North African and Middle Eastern peoples. Over a year after the Iranian uprising of 2009 was crushed by the brutal Islamic Republic’s forces, people rose up and showed they were still willing to struggle and put their lives on the line. We chanted: “Down with the dictator!” and “First Mubarak, then Ben Ali, Seyed Ali it’s your turn!” Many slogans connected the struggle in these places with Iran’s people. The same hope shone in faces in San Francisco again, that people in Iran will be free someday.

–Nazanin Afarin

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