Human Power is its own end – Karl Marx
January-February 2020, Vol. 65, #1

Australia’s megafires lay bare capitalism’s climate death march

January 21, 2020
Australia’s megafires show that the climate crisis is upon us and powerful people are forcing humanity into a death march toward climate catastrophe--in sharp contrast...
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World in View: Revolution and genocide in Idlib, Syria

If there are any two realities that absolutely compel human solidarity, it is the two that are manifest in Syria today—revolution, the human struggle for...
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From the writings of Raya Dunayevskaya: Crises of retrogressive Changed World

January 22, 2020
Raya Dunayevskaya explores the concept of the "Changed World' of the 1980s, which followed the economic crisis and the restructuring that capitalist rulers imposed, with...
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Rebellion in Hong Kong spreads

January 21, 2020
New Year’s Day, a million people took to the streets in Hong Kong despite police repression. Marchers called for Hong Kong to “resist tyranny, join a...
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Woman as Reason: Anti-femicide goes global

Women are deepening a global movement to combat violence against us, from violent rapes to domestic battering to outright femicide. Demonstrations have spread across the...
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Google and Amazon workers rebel

Google and Amazon tech workers organize around the companies' complicity in war, environmental destruction, and workplace safety....
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Essay: Revolution in Permanence: Trotsky, Marx, Dunayevskaya

January 22, 2020
Review from Mexico of the book ‘La filosofía de la revolución en permanencia de Marx en nuestros días’ (Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution in Permanence for...
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The fall of Morales; whither Bolivia?

Important human forces in Bolivia are strongly opposing the threat of a developing fascism, and at the same time have not shied away from criticizing...
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World in View: Mass protest challenges India’s Modi

January 21, 2020
Massive protests in India met the Citizenship Amendment Act, which introduces religious qualifications for immigrants to become citizens and excludes...
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World in View: Reactionary Brexit

The Dec. 12 general elections in Britain were a victory for world reaction, reinforcing the racist 2016 vote to leave the European...
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Featured Column

Voices from the inside out: A ‘free world’ view

Former prisoner Faruq writes of how in prison he "figured out how to become truly myself" and how that is manifested while on...
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Editorial: The death of counter-revolutionary Qassem Soleimani

The death of counter-revolutionary Qassem Soleimani, together with Donald Trump’s war moves, illuminate this changed...
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More Articles

Page 2
Review: ‘Without apology’
Review of ‘Without Apology: The Abortion Struggle Now’, on the history of the women’s liberation movement’s struggle for full reproductive justice.
Women Worldwide

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in France; ecofeminists in Uganda; and protests against the gang-rape of a 19-year-old British girl in Cyprus.

Page 3
Right’s war on voters
Republican state officials around the country are enacting policies to depress the vote of poor people, students, and people of color to extend their minority control of state and federal government.
CTU’s partial victory
Report on the achievements of the Chicago Teachers Union’s 11-day strike in mid-November.
Honda workers sit in
Report on the strike by Honda workers in Faridabad, India, in opposition to the company’s demand for signing a good conduct bond before entering the factory.
Art out of genocide
Review of the multimedia exhibit: “Stories Never Told: Yemen’s Crises and Renaissance,” in which Yemeni  artists and hundreds of others spoke truth to power through their art.

Page 5
Handicap this!
Mistreatment of disabled patients at Iowa’s Glenwood Resource Center; Venezuela’s ongoing economic collapse hitting the sick and disabled; the Accessible Materials in Higher Education Act; and the removal of a mural depicting struggles for rights at the University of Chicago.

Pages 6-7, Readers’ Views
Readers’ Views, Part One
Readers’ Views on Capitalism and climate; Mideast upheaval; Trump the Mullah?; war crime hero; Trump’s judges; detransition debate; and women’s liberation.
Readers’ Views, Part Two
Readers’ Views on Philosophy and Revolution; disorder is the order; anti-Semitism; Black August, and voices from behind bars.

Page 8
Free Sitawa Jamaa
It is more important than ever to free Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa, one of the four main representatives in the historic 2011-13 hunger strikes initiated in Pelican Bay prison’s Security Housing Unit, after his stroke.

Page 9
Voices from the inside out: Impeachment reveals flaws of democracy
Prisoner Robert Taliaferro reflects critically on the myth of democracy in the U.S., revealed by Trump’s impeachment.
Queer notes
The death of activist Jeudy Charlot, president of Haiti Queer rights group Kouraj; anti-LGBTQ+ norms in Turkey; anti-Trans laws in India; and an art exhibit about Southeast Asian LGBTQ+ people in Bangkok.

Page 11
Youth in action
The students’ strike at Syracuse University; the attacks of pro-Iran militias against demonstrations in Nasiriya, Iran, and the U.S. Youth Climate Strike.
Canada after the 2019 election
Canada’s federal election showed class issues had come to the fore.
Student DACA march
Participant report on the Nov. 12 students’ march protesting Trump’s repeal of DACA, which allowed undocumented migrants brought to this country as children the human right to work, to go to school and to live free of deportation.

Page 12, World in View
Putin after Putin?
Russian President Vladimir Putin is laying the groundwork for his own continued hold on state power.

Web only
COVID-19 and the specter of pandemic
The spread of the coronavirus cannot be viewed in isolation from the corruption of China’s state-capitalism and the danger the virus poses especially to the poor, homeless and refugees.
Healthcare workers strike!
On Dec. 16, 4,000 mental health workers at Kaiser Permanente HMO in Oakland went on a five-day strike, calling attention to a serious lack of resources to provide timely care.
Voices from Chicago climate strike–December 2019
News & Letters interviews some of the Global Climate Strike participants.
Chicago climate strike confronts the specter of climate chaos
Participant report of the Dec. 6, 2019, climate strike in Chicago, part of global climate strike.


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