Queer Notes, Jan.-Feb. 2018

January 31, 2018

From the January-February 2018 issue of News & Letters

Chicago’s North Park University recently suspended pastor Judy Peterson. The Evangelical Covenant Church had suspended her credentials for presiding at the marriage of two men. Peterson knew it could happen but said that she would “stand with my brothers in the same way Jesus has stood with me; in everything and at all times, no matter what.”

* * *

Because New York Governor Andrew Cuomo banned nonessential travel to Mississippi over Mississippi’s new law that makes it legal to deny services to same-sex couples, the University of Southern Mississippi will have three home games dropped from their baseball schedule. The University’s head coach complained, “I’m sure it’s going to cost us for sure. That’s three gates and everything that goes into a game day in terms of revenue.”

* * *

Women of the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond Association in Hampstead Heath, Britain, issued a statement on Jan. 2 proclaiming they are “committed to helping to create at the Ladies’ Pond an inclusive environment for all women, including transgender women, which is free from discrimination, harassment or victimization.” Their statement was made to stop a very few of the ladies from trying to keep Trans women from swimming in the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond on New Year’s Day.

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