Save schools, libraries

December 3, 2010

Save schools, libraries

Los Angeles–On Oct. 7, over 100 activists from many Leftist groups assembled at the Los Angeles Board of Education Building to protest continuing austerity measures against the working class. Organized by the March 4th Committee to Defend Public Education and Social Services, they demanded reinstatement of all terminated teachers, library workers and other workers. Some of the signs read, “Stop the Cuts–Tax The Rich,” “Tax the Corporations,” “Close the Jails, Open Libraries.”

All Los Angeles Public Library hours were recently cut and libraries are now closed on Sundays and Mondays. The libraries serve not only the general public but also the poor and homeless people who use the library to read, access computers and self-educate.

On March 4 on the National Day of Protests to Preserve Public Education, thousands of students, teachers, workers and activists protested against the firing of teachers, cutting university classes 13% and raising tuitions throughout California.

A retired teacher stated that the Los Angeles Teachers’ Union Leadership declined an invitation to participate because of fear that a large demonstration would jeopardize the Democratic Party’s chances in the coming elections.

Many independent media representing diverse communities as well as some mainstream media covered the event. The Aztec Dancers/Drummers led a march to a rally at the downtown library.



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