The Bay Area celebrates May Day

May 4, 2021

May Day, May 1, 2021, celebrated in San Jose, Calif. Photo: Urszula Wislanka for News & Letters.

The May Day demonstrations in San Francisco Bay Area were many and varied. The largest were in San Francisco and Oakland. A couple thousand rallied and marched in San Jose. They chose a butterfly as the symbol to represent both change and free migration across borders. A butterfly fan, handed out to all participants, listed points of unity: Protect essential workers! Defund police, abolish prisons! Medicare and mental health care for All! A living wage for All! End wage theft! Safety net for All! Comprehensive immigration reform now! Abolish cages and deportations! End white supremacy! Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) unity! Housing for All! End evictions and foreclosures!

–Urszula Wislanka

One thought on “The Bay Area celebrates May Day

  1. Very inspiring! There was only a small demonstration, poorly publicized, in Detroit.

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