Vendors march for their rights on International Women’s Day

March 24, 2018

Los Angeles—On March 9, as part of International Women’s Day, 200 women vendors and supporters gathered outside City Hall for a press conference, lobbying and protesting to legalize their work as street vendors. They held banners and signs in English and Spanish stating: “Los Angeles Vendor Movement“; “Street Vendors Justice is Women’s Justice,” “El Trabajo No Es Un Crimen” (Work Is Not a Crime), “Decriminalize Street Vending” and “Economic Justice For Women.”

Street vendor speaks out for dignity at the rally on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018. Photo: Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign.

A woman opened the press conference saying: “Good morning! This movement is many years old, but can’t last under present conditions. We are mothers, sisters and grandmothers providing for our families.” Other speakers stated: “Our goal is legalization, which includes our safety and protection from extortion and police harassment. Private business owners should not be able to control public spaces and sidewalks.” And: “We vendors are workers, not criminals. We contribute to the economy. The city should support street vendors, not just private businesses.”

After the conference, some vendors lobbied city council offices for legalization without fees. Fee structures can be as much as 50% to 75% of vendors’ income and business owners can veto permits. Vendors want the right to work for a living in safety and without harassment.

Vendors rallied outside, chanting, “Mujeres luchando, al mundo transformando!” (Women fighting, transforming the world!) as drummers and guitarists livened the rally.

As the lobbyists concluded their visits and joined the rally, civil disobedience began with the occupation of Main Street. Seven Latinas lay down in the middle of the street, holding hands and forming a circle. Forty to 50 Los Angeles police officers arrived and cleared the street, threatening arrest. When the seven women resisted, police arrested each, one at a time.

There will be a city council committee hearing before a full council vote on this issue.

March 8, 2018

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