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August 31, 2019


From the September-October 2019 issue of News & Letters

Readers of News & Letters know that we are living in extreme times. The very earth we live on is in peril, animals and plants are becoming extinct in unprecedented numbers. Animals don’t just disappear; they suffer first, from heat, thirst, starvation, bewilderment. They could be a vision of humanity’s future. At the same time, neo-fascism is spreading at a horrifying speed across the globe—from the U.S. to Egypt, from Hungary to Brazil and from India to Turkey. Donald Trump is the personification of these horrors. He not only refuses to recognize the existential crises facing humanity but, through his racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ+, contempt for people with disabilities, and his lovefest with every capitalist tyrant in existence, fuels the flames of hatred and division.

News & Letters fights this dystopian reality, not with another vanguard party, not with a part of the left who willingly allows a genocide to take place in front of their faces for years in Syria, not with any halfway measures that try—and always fail—to reform capitalism; but with a philosophy of liberation that recognizes that a solution has to be based in those human beings who, at this very moment, are fighting for their freedom and for new human relations.

Every issue shows this truth. In this issue the lead article, “Hong Kong masses fight rulers’ grab for power,”  traces the tremendous desire for freedom from the masses in Hong Kong; the essay on “Socialism and ecology” directly takes up the ecological crisis of today’s world and what needs to be done to transform it. Our editorial on the attack on immigrants warns that the white supremacist mantra of ‘“We’ll be coming for you’ begins with immigrants of color but will not end there.”

But we can’t do it alone. News & Letters needs your help to survive and keep growing.

Trump’s tariffs have been a blow to our finances as the cost of paper has skyrocketed and promises to go even higher. Now our paper costs more to print and the special envelopes we need to send N&L to our many, many prisoner subscribers have doubled in price. At the same time office rent, postage, and every other necessity continue to increase.

We take no paid ads, we receive no money from any government, foundation or business. All our income comes from sales of our literature and donations from members and friends of News and Letters Committees. Can you help us meet the challenge in the coming year as we fight to create a new human world? Any and all donations are welcome. Help make sure News & Letters can continue to publish when so many other papers have fallen by the wayside.

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