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March 13, 2012


Syrian revolution fights Assad’s genocide, world powers watch

The Syrian Revolution is a serious challenge to the order in the region and beyond. Israel, Iran, and Saudi Arabia all have much to lose from the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad’s Baathist family dynasty, as do their imperialist patrons.

From the Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya

Women as thinkers and revolutionaries

Working-class women have a very special reason for their passionate interest in revolutions, not simply because they’re exciting events, but because they show working-class women in motion as shapers of history. The dialectical relationship of spontaneity to organization is of the essence to all of us as we face today’s crises…. Creativity that can really tear things up at their roots and genuinely start something new, humanly new, can only come from mass creativity.


István Mészáros and the Dialectic

Which Marx is being explored and debated? … Here the labors of István Mészáros have a particular relevance. His Beyond Capital (1995) was an important critical study of the social metabolic form of capital as elucidated by Marx. … However, Mészáros’ [The Social Determination of Method] came with a most peculiar philosophic framework–Hegel as the defender of “universal permanent capital.”


New attacks on women take fascistic turn

The depths of this society’s inhumanity have been laid bare by the intensity of the war on women’s bodies, minds and lives. Poor women are taking the brunt as those in power in state and federal governments mount an assault so reactionary that birth control, something considered a settled fact of life, is actually in jeopardy. While women have always fought back, these new outrages have brought more women to the fore, enraged by the invasive and uncaring Taliban-like onslaught.

‘We are all Greeks’

On Feb. 12, open rebellion broke out in Athens. “Layoffs! Layoffs… You will save Greece without the Greeks!” protesters proclaimed against the Greek parliament’s approval of a new round of austerity measures…

Occupy Wall Street, Oakland, Chicago

Anka, of Occupy Oakland, says: “What was most important during the encampment of Occupy Oakland was getting together to figure out how to do it. How will we deal with garbage, provide healthcare, etc.? The solution has to start with people getting together and making their own decisions. People have to start thinking for themselves and take back their own power. If a revolution is to succeed it will have to succeed before the revolution, during and after.”

Workshop Talks

Chinese model is not workers’

Andy Stern, former President of Service Employees International Union penned an Op-Ed piece “China’s Superior Economic Model” (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 1, 2011). He exclaimed that, “The Global Revolution has created the planet’s second-largest economy. It’s on a clear trajectory to knock America off its perch by 2025.” Stern lectured, “While we debate, Team China rolls on. The ability to plan is what is missing in America.” Stern curiously omits, in his exaltation of the Chinese economy, the point of view of Chinese workers…

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