Human Power is its own end – Karl Marx
March-April 2022, Vol. 67, #2

Putin’s brutal war in Ukraine puts the future of humanity in doubt

March 16, 2022
Putin’s invasion confronted fierce resistance in Ukraine and opposition on Russian streets. The war reveals a changed world of competing centers of capital--which is in...
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Starbucks workers fight to unionize

March 19, 2022
Voices of Starbucks workers around the country who are filing to start unions. As of Feb.21, the movement had spread to 103 stores, and three...
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Melda Yaman: ‘New vistas for socialist feminists’

March 15, 2022
Interview with Melda Yaman, the Turkish translator of Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation, and Marx’s Philosophy of...
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From the Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya: Challenge to all post-Marx Marxists

March 18, 2022
In this talk on the new developments in 'Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation, and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution', Dunayevskaya takes up her original category of Post-Marx Marxism as a pejorative, as well as the question of the relationship of philosophy to...
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Authoritarian attacks on teachers

March 19, 2022
Critical piece on a "parents' bill of rights" requiring schools to post online every piece of instructional material that will be used for the school...
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Woman as Reason: Sudanese women deepen fight

March 15, 2022
Women have remained a vital part of the revolution in Sudan that began three years ago when mostly youth, women and men, took to the...
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Youth: Laws attack LGBTQ+

March 16, 2022
Texas, Florida and Oklahoma have recently passed laws that threaten Queer kids and can be directed against any marginalized group. No matter which politician is...
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Madagascar reveals climate crisis

March 15, 2022
The near-famine in Madagascar starkly reveals the reality of the climate crisis, which cannot be separated from the ravages of colonialism and...
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World in View: What way will Xiomara Castro take Honduras?

The first woman president elected in Honduras, Xiomara Castro, took office after a 12-year rule by the corrupt, conservative National Party. Will she focus her...
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World in View: Iron fist at Olympics

March 16, 2022
It is no accident that Olympic gold medal winner Nils van der Poel felt compelled to wait until he was out of the grasp of...
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Featured Column

Thoughts from the Outside: The idea of freedom

March 19, 2022
Dr. Martin Luther King’s reference to the Promised Land was his way of talking about the irrepressible idea of freedom. That idea reaches beyond an...
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Editorial: Sham trucker convoys

The "Freedom Convoy" in Canada was part and parcel of the white Christian nationalism that is a marker of today’s fascism, and not a working-class...
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Page 2
Review: Spinning and Weaving
Review of ‘Spinning and Weaving: Radical Feminism for the 21st Century.’ Elizabeth Miller created a radical feminist anthology covering multiple topics to preserve the insightful new theory women write daily online—from articles to social media comments
Women WorldWide: March-April 2022
Demonstrations in Mexico City against legislation recognizing surrogacy; decriminalization of abortion in Colombia; organizations assisting survivors of domestic violence and other traumas oppose the truck convoy in Canada as re-traumatizing women; FiLiA’s “Kakuma Campaign” in Kenya on behalf of the residents of an LGB&T+ refugee camp

Page 3
Russia’s revolutionary International Women’s Day in 1917
Excerpts from ‘Rosa Luxemburg, Women’s Liberation and Marx’s Philosophy of Revolution’ by Raya Dunayevskaya showing women’s role in bringing on the 1917 Russian Revolution

Page 6
Readers’ Views: March-April 2022, Part One
Readers’ Views on: Putin’s Brutal War on Ukraine; War on Yemen; Canadian Convoy; Trucks and Tribes; and Abortion Politics
Johnny Rogers (Robert Ellery), in memoriam
Johnny Rogers (Robert Ellery), was one of the founding members of News and Letters Committees. The way he exemplified the immediate post-World War II generation of youth as a revolutionary force speaks to all generations

Page 7
Readers’ Views: March-April 2022, Part Two
Readers’ Views on Absolute Idea and Self-Liberation; Labor and Ecology; Avoiding Race; and Voices from behind Bars

Page 8
Voices From the Inside Out: Penn. prison abuses the mentally ill
A prisoner in Pennsylvania tells us about the harsh experience of being in solitary confinement for the mentally ill
Convoy misrepresents Canadians
Critical view by a former Canadian on the Canadian “Freedom Truckers” convoys, recalling the “October Crisis” of 1970 in Québec
For revolutionary women’s history explore the Archives of Raya Dunayevskaya
From the Raya Dunayevskaya Collection, a few examples of the many entries and correspondence relating to women’s relationships to revolution
Beijing sham Olympic opening ceremony
Critical view of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony

Page 9
Women in defense of the territory
A call from women living in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Mexico, to meet together to fight developmentalist capitalism, and stop the rampant violence against women in the area
Discussion Article: Towards a dynamic unity of struggle
Discussion article on the question of unity and diversity of struggles, theory and practice, Marxism and other currents of thought, exploring briefly the Zapatista Indigenous movement from 1994 to the present
Queer Notes: March-April 2022
LGBTQ+ students protest injustice in Kenya, Florida and Texas; the suspected suicide of Gay mayor Kevin Ward highlights suicide risks for gay men; Black Trans woman Ju’ Zema Goldring’s unjust arrest; and the banning of conversion therapy for people under 18 in New Zealand

Page 11
Youth in Action: March-April 2022
Students at West Virginia University, Harvard and Stanford, among others, held protests and rallies against Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. College students picketed Illinois Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley to protest a campaign contribution from weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin
Brazil: floods and inequality
A Brazilian city of over a quarter of a million people was hit by the heaviest rainstorm in nearly a century. It caused 26 landslides which killed 176 people, with more than 100 still missing
Climate change report
A new report issued by a UN body of scientists gives the most detailed description of the dangers posed by the climate crisis: a frightening future of flooding, fire and famine which will displace millions, species extinctions and the earth irreparably damaged

Page 12
World in View: Ongoing resistance to coup in Sudan
More than four months after the military coup in Sudan last October destroyed the transition to civil rule, dozens of resistance committees continue to launch demonstrations, marches and protest meetings, issue manifestos, and hold assemblies to debate how to defeat military rule
World in View: Victory for #MeToo
A new federal law renders binding arbitration clauses in contracts void in cases of sexual assault and harassment. Women’s rights activists and national organizations worked for five years to get legislation introduced to stop the practice.
World in View: IMF loan scam
The International Monetary Fund, which is supposed to lend money to struggling nations in time of need, ends up just like any private capital money-grubbing bank: charging extra fees for the “privilege” of getting a large loan

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