Special coverage of COVID-19 pandemic

May 31, 2020

Special coverage of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Watch this space for periodic additions.

Detroit Dispatch #6: Hospitalizations, funerals and the need for justice

Discussion article: Neoliberal necropolitics and Indian migrant workers

Detroit Dispatch #5: Education and individualism

COVID-19 has generated a lot of “free time” for workers, but how can we create full, human “free time”?

Detroit dispatch #4: The rush to reopen

Detroit dispatch #3: a pall over the city

Woman as Reason: Abortion in the time of COVID-19

Detroit Dispatch: Easter Sunday

Incarcerated People Producing COVID-19 Masks, Denied Access to Them


Capitalism is the real pandemic

Uber, Lyft, Amazon workers revolt!

Solidarity in a Time of Crisis from Abahlali baseMjondolo

Thoughts of COVID-19 in prison

Pandemic as battlefield

El COVID-19 evidencia la crisis del capitalismo, muestra la urgencia de una nueva sociedad humana

COVID-19 manifests the crisis of capitalism, shows the urgency of a new human society

COVID-19 Detroit dispatch

March-April 2020 issue online; and a note on the pandemic

COVID-19: A world-historic threat

World in view: Notes on a pandemic

Readers’ views, March-April 2020: Part two

COVID-19 and the specter of pandemic


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