Human Power is its own end – Karl Marx
March-April 2021, Vol. 66, #2

Women from India to the USA fight against misogynist violence

March 11, 2021
Violence against women has worsened in the era of COVID-19. Sexism, like racism, is systemic to almost every culture. Nevertheless women fight back with creative...
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Coming soon: ‘What Is Socialism? A Marxist-Humanist Symposium’

Announcement and pre-publication offer for a new publication, 'What Is Socialism? A Marxist-Humanist...
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Racism still core to immigration policy

Despite immigration reforms by President Biden that made a significant impact on people's lives, they fall short in some ways and racism and exploitation continue--not...
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From the Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya: Dialectics of Liberation: The urgent need for new beginnings

Hegel’s Absolutes never were a series of ascending ivory towers. Revolutionary transformation is immanent in the very form of thought. Our age can best understand Hegel’s Absolute because it has been witness to a movement from...
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Unemployed workers organize and march, demanding relief

Newly organized as Northern California Unemployed Committee, people marched to draw attention to the disparities within capitalism exacerbated by COVID-19. They demanded the federal government...
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Youth: Learning from Amazon protest

A young revolutionary writes about participating in a protest for the first time, in solidarity with Alabama Amazon...
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Climate obstruction unplugs Texas

The way business and government prepared—or failed to prepare—for the Winter Storm Uri disaster and the way they responded to it tell a bloody tale...
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Hong Kong arrests

Massive marches in Hong Kong that continued until COVID-19 crowd restrictions and the National Security Law , combined with more violent arrests, drove protests...
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Worldwide attacks on freedom of thought

Governments across the world are conducting a war against the freedom of thought, from France's assault on critical race theory to U.S. criminalizing of Indigenous...
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Voices from the inside out: Prisons enable COVID

A prisoner who got COVID-19 writes about how prisons have reprehensibly mismanaged the COVID-19 crisis, harming prisoners, line staff, their families, and the community at...
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Editorial: Masses resist Burma’s murderous coup

The people of Burma have taken to the streets daily by the tens of thousands since the army carried out a coup on Feb. 1....
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Review: ‘Sisters in Hate’
Sisters in Hate: American Women on the Front Lines of White Nationalism, by Seyward Darby, is an important contribution towards comprehending why people join right-wing movements, and how to encourage them to leave while inoculating society against hateful and authoritarian thinking.
Women worldwide, March-April 2021
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day; Saudi activist Loujain Al-Hathloul released but not free; Scotland becomes first country to make menstrual supplies free.
Cáceres, Presente!
March marks the fifth anniversary of the assassination of Berta Cáceres, Honduran defender of the rivers, the Lenca people and life.

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Thoughts from the outside: Lucky I have a job?
What is essential for capital to reinforce its authority and what is essential for people to live as human beings are very different things. Seeing through the rhetoric of the “privilege of having a job,” the reality of life under capitalism becomes clear.
Reopening schools mirrors class divide
The divide between “reopen schools NOW” and “reopen schools SAFELY ASAP” mirrors the class divide in U.S. education.

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Rally for Amazon workers’ union drive
Participant report of a solidarity demonstration in Oakland, as part of a national day of solidarity to support Bessemer, Alabama, Amazon workers struggling for union recognition.
Latin America notes, March-April 2021
Coal mines continue to kill in Mexico; the Mapuche nation is resisting Chile’s government and logging companies.
Biking Diaries: Mexico’s pandemicide
Almost one year after the declaration of the COVID-19 alert in Mexico, the way the government has been “managing” the situation is genocidal.
Handicap this!, March-April 2021
Autistic man in UK awarded damages in a discrimination case against Virgin Active; professor at Oxnard College put on leave for berating hard-of-hearing student; “little person” banned from a cooking class at Heart of Worcestershire College; London Stansted Airport pulls special assistance from woman because she “didn’t look ill.”
Queer notes, March-April 2021
Ohio assailed for refusing to recognize Jack Henning-Sepkoski’s gender identity; Chicago Black Drag Council holds town hall over racism against performers of color in Gay bars; children of same-sex mixed nationality couples in Europe struggle for citizenship.

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Readers’ views, March-April 2021: part one
Readers’ Views on: Trumpism, Racism and the Specter of Fascism; Vaccine Inequality and Injustice; Organizing Amazon; Can Humanity Survive?; Criminal Injustice; Trust Women; Marx’s Humanism and Love; Why Read N&L?
Karen Lewis, 1953-2021
The City of Chicago lost a powerful voice for teachers, and for workers in general, with the death of Karen Lewis, former President of the Chicago Teachers Union.

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Readers’ views, March-April 2021: part two
Readers’ Views on: The Objective Movement of History and Philosophy of Emancipation; Electric Cars are No Panacea; Pricing Nature and Lives; Racism and Anti-Racism in the Queer Community; COVID-19 in Prison.

Page 11
Youth in action, March-April 2021
Young people in Tunisian streets call for jobs and relief from rising food prices; Kavi Vu and friends challenge rampant disinformation on Vietnamese language Facebook pages; 1,000 students at Columbia University withhold tuition, demanding 10% reduction in tuition, a reduction in campus police, and fossil fuel divestment.

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Battle for living wage
The fight for a living wage continues, after Republican and Democratic senators killed the $15 minimum wage provision in the relief bill.
Anti-abortion violence
Women needing abortions face violence, from harassment by fanatics to oppressive laws. Countless deaths, misery and increased poverty caused by forced pregnancy have forced some countries to abandon anti-abortion laws.

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