May-June 2017 N&L available on the web

May 18, 2017

The May-June 2017 issue of News & Letters, Vol. 62, #3, is available on the web.

View the issue online or as pdf.

Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2017-2018: Philosophy and revolt confront Trump’s drive to fascism

I.    Trumpism as an excrescence of world capitalism’s crises
The capital relation
U.S. forces of revolt as reason; philosophy as force of revolution
International crises
Lies, facts and ground
The Russian Revolution, 100 years ago and its meaning today

The true alternative to the threat of fascism is the path to a new society based on revolution from below. Can that happen without a unity of practice with theory, without the organization of thought embodied in an actual organization?

From the Writings of Raya Dunayevskaya, May-June 2017: The cooperative form of labor vs. abstract labor and despotic plan
As part of observing the todayness of Marx’s Capital on its 150th anniversary, we present Raya Dunayevskaya’s analysis of Marx’s concept of Cooperative Form of Labor vs. Abstract Labor, as preparation for her book “Marxism and Freedom.”

Workshop Talks: Don’t let germs and capitalists win
Excluding some people from healthcare, as well as vaccinations and treating infectious diseases, puts even those with health coverage at risk. Battling healthcare exclusions is essential to confronting capitalism’s class rule.

Voices From The Inside Out: Resisting Trumpism
Through the study of theory and philosophy and by solidarizing and striking, prisoners seek a humanist society that rejects Donald Trump, his plutocratic regime and the U.S. criminal injustice system.

Woman as Reason: International Women’s Day 2017
Terry Moon writes of the meaning of the 2017 International Women’s Day strike, including its origins in the Ni Una Menos movement in Argentina, the October 2016 strike of women in Poland and the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington.

1967 Detroit Rebellion, 50 years later
“12th and Clairmount” is a new movie created by the Detroit Historical Museum from primary sources and tells the story of the Detroit Rebellion of 1967.

World In View: The crisis of Turkish democracy
Protests occur across Turkey in resistance to the controversial constitutional referendum/power grab of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he has devolved into a capitalist counterrevolutionary ruler.

Stop jail censorship!
Prisoner invites readers to fight for the right of prisoners to read all ideas, including those that critique the criminal injustice system. The Mecklenberg County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office is violating this right.

Letter from Mexico: Zapatistas support U.S. migrants
Zapatistas in Mexico issued a statement and provided material support for immigrants resisting expulsion, especially from the U.S.


Page 2
Women for Syria
Left’s blame game
Day Without Women
Women World Wide

Page 3
Boycott Wendy’s!
O’Hare workers push for union rights
Time Warner Cable workers strike
Retirees help Detroit schools

Page 5
‘Care not cages’
Futureless people
New York healthcare rally

Page 6
Readers’ Views

Page 11
Fukushima is never going away
No to police during mental health crisis!
Handicap This!
Queer Notes
Youth In Action

Page 12, World in View
War-torn Congo faces new round of violence
South Africa protest
French elections
Korea war threats
Venezuela in chaos

Web-only articles:
Immigrants and allies challenge Trump’s inhumanity
Trump won’t smash Assad’s genocidal regime—support the Syrian Revolution!

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