November-December 2017 issue is online!

November 18, 2017

The November-December 2017 issue of News & Letters, Vol. 62, #6, is available on the web.

View the issue online or as pdf.

Lead article: Puerto Ricans suffer as Donald Trump plays to his racist base
Puerto Rico is devastated by hurricanes, with climate change a factor, and by the administration’s racist malign neglect, atop an existing debt crisis the masses did not create. Real solidarity came from below.

Editorial: Save the Rohingya, stop the genocide!
The genocide against the Rohingya in Burma (Myanmar) by the Buddhist majority is egged on by the military as well as by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

Editorial: Abuser-in-chief trashes women
The Trump administration’s attack on both abortion rights and birth control panders to their anti-abortion fanatical base–in the process torturing a 17-year-old immigrant who tried to get an abortion after being locked up for illegally crossing the border.

On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Historic initiative of the masses and Lenin’s philosophic break
Raya Dunayevskaya’s outline for a 1948 speech in Pittsburgh for the Russian Revolution’s anniversary; and “Lenin and the Dialectic: A Mind in Action,” taking up Lenin’s philosophical preparation for revolution.

New book–Russia: From Proletarian Revolution to State-Capitalist Counter-Revolution: Selected writings by Raya Dunayevskaya
New collection of writings by Raya Dunayevskaya on the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution titled: Russia: From Proletarian Revolution to State-Capitalist Counter-Revolution.

Convention shows women persist
Report on the Oct. 27, 2017, Women’s Convention in Detroit, Michigan, one of the followups to the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington, D.C.

World in View: U.S. ‘democracy’ enters crisis mode
Trump-style neo-fascism has been gestating for decades, as seen in Reagan-era photos of Paul Manafort side by side with Lee Atwater, who in 1981 described the rhetoric of “tax cuts” as “abstract racism.”

Workers’ revolts threaten Xi Jinping
Xi Jinping was not merely elected to a second term as Party Secretary, he got his name and his thought into the Constitution.

Woman as Reason: #MeToo
Terry Moon joins the #MeToo campaign, sharing her experience of sexual harrasment when she was 23.

Letter from Mexico: Earthquake: Mexico’s wake-up call
Two deadly earthquakes struck Mexico, killing around 400 people and leaving thousands homeless, a situation made worse by the response of the state.

Kris Kobach has something to hide
Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State for the state of Kansas, has been using a personal gmail account to perform duties for the “Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity,” while at the same time trying to deprive U.S. citizens of their right to vote.

Judy Tanzawa (Judy Tristan) 1939-2017
In Memoriam for Judy Tanzawa, who was a radical union organizer, Los Angeles Local Organizer for News and Letters Committees, fighter for human liberation in all its dimensions.


Page 2
Women Worldwide
Countering white supremacists

Page 3
NFL players defy owners and Trump
Dan Perron, 1959-2017
‘A good company man’
Knocking on Labor’s Door book launch

Pages 4-5, Readers’ Views
Readers’ Views: Remembering Judy Tanzawa and Dan Perron
Readers’ Views, Part 1
Readers’ Views, Part 2

Page 8
Voices from the inside out: Ferguson, Mo., at three
Dreamers fight back
Time to stop Trump
Wisconsin Transgender prisoner traumatized
Prison danger zones

Page 9
Queer Notes
Raid on French anti-nuclear activists

Page 10
Help Puerto Rico now

Page 11
California fires from global warming and incompetence

Page 12, World in View
Japan, North Korea in Asian military spiral
U.S. military in Africa
Kurdistan setback
Venezuela’s human toll


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