Date of IssueLead articleFrom the Writings of Raya DunayevskayaEditorials 
40210Copenhagen climate summit sabotages humanity's future (Franklin Dmitryev)From the Black-Red Conference: Dialectics of the freedom movementsReal state of the union
40271Haiti's earthquake reveals living roots of revolution (Gerry Emmett)Additions to Rosa Luxemburg. Women's Liberation and Marx's Philosophy of Revolution: Foundations of Marxist-HumanismLimits of workers’ patience
40334Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2010-2011. CAPITAL DEVOURS LIVES, LABOR, LAND; MASSES SEEK PATHS TO FREEDOMMarxist-Humanism's originality
40397BP's Gulf oil spill lays waste to workers, environment (Franklin Dmitryev)Recollections of Leon TrotskyU.S.'s endless Afghan war
40460Strikers in China demand own unions, defy capitalism (Bob McGuire)Dialectics of revolution: American roots and world Humanist concepts Part ICapital on strike
40523Campaigns intensify counterrevolutionary onslaught (Gerry Emmett)Dialectics of revolution: American roots and world Humanist concepts Part IIEnd Afghan war!
40575European revolts confront economic and political crises (Ron Kelch)Marxism and the U.S. Civil WarBloody reality of reactionary ideas
40636Revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya shake world order (Gerry Emmett)International Women's Day and IranCorporate assaults on workers and women
40699Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2011-2012. Revolution and counterrevolution take world stage (Part I. The Arab Spring)Letter to the youth Subjects of revolution: theory/practice
40762Palestinian youth open new front in Arab Spring (Gerry Emmett)Iran—philosophy and organizationEnd Obama's wars!
40825Political spectacles cannot hide reality of deranged capitalism (Ron Kelch)Deep recession, rate of profit and the supreme commodity, labor powerRevolts shake Libya, Syria
40888Occupy Wall Street strikes deep chord, challenges rulers (Gerry Emmett and Susan Van Gelder)Spontaneity and new beginningsFailed Iraq occupation
40940Widening labor and peasant revolts threaten Chinese rulers (Bob McGuire)Dialectics of revolution in Africa, AsiaOccupy defies attacks
41002Syrian revolution fights Assad's genocide, world powers watch (Gerry Emmett)Women as thinkers & revolutionariesNew attacks on women take fascistic turn
41065Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2012-2013. Counter-revolution's rise shows need for a total philosophy (Part I. The Arab Spring confronts setbacks)On political divides and philosophic new beginnings
41128Spain, Greece, Europe: capitalist crisis and revolt (Franklin Dmitryev)Why Hegel's Phenomenology now?One billionaire, one vote
41191Reactionary U.S. election shows capital's contradictions (Ron Kelch)Historic roots of far Right threat to U.S.Syrians against all odds
41254Obama's re-election doesn't end clash of two worlds (Franklin Dmitryev)The Cuban Missile Crisis and its test of movements' negative characterStop the war on Gaza!
41306Uprisings in Egypt and Syria confront counter-revolution (Gerry Emmett)150 years after the Emancipation Proclamation. American Civilization on Trial: Black masses as vanguard and the dialectic of historyUndoing Michigan election
41367From India to Egypt to U.S., women fighting for freedom (Terry Moon)The Black dimension and Women's Liberation as revolutionary reasonState of the U.S. wars
41430Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2013-2014. Capitalism's violence, masses' revolt show need for total view (Part I. Capitalism’s many crises)On the 60th anniversary of Dunayevskaya's Philosophic Letters. Hegel's Absolute Idea is for workers
41493Turkey, Syria and Iran at crossroads of world revolt (Gerry Emmett)In 1953 Russian slave laborers in Vorkuta acted. "Russia more than ever full of revolutionaries…"Support striking prisoners!
41556Racism and the fight against it take center stage in the U.S. (Franklin Dmitryev)Detroit 1967: "Law and order" from the barrel of a gunEgypt at deadly crossroads
41619The Syrian Revolution as the test of world politics (Gerry Emmett)Economism vs. Marx’s humanismTea Party wreaks havoc
41671Rampant U.S. surveillance slouches toward totalitarianism (Franklin Dmitryev)Charles Denby, worker-editorTahrir three years later
41732Women fight for freedom against growing retrogression (Terry Moon)On The Philosophic Point and Dialectics of Organization and PhilosophyCapitalist economy is failing
41795Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2014-2015. From the U.S. to Ukraine, crises and revolts call for philosophy (Part I. Dialectics of revolution and counter-revolution)Unchaining the revolutionary dialectic
41858Low-wage workers strike, reach for a new way of life (Franklin Dmitryev)The Free Speech MovementIn the Ukrainian cauldron
41921Israel decimates Gaza as world faces global counter-revolutions (Gerry Emmett)1953 letters on Hegel’s Absolutes (Part 1)ISIS, U.S. both savage Iraq
41984Racist election deepens reactionary direction of U.S. (Ron Kelch)1953 letters on Hegel’s Absolutes (Part 2)Rojava & Syria’s revolution
42036Revolt surges against racist system destroying Black lives Gerry EmmettMay 20, 1953, letter on Absolute MindNever-ending U.S. wars
42097From Turkey to USA, women as force & reason fight inhumanity (Terry Moon)Miners inspired Marxist-HumanismSyriza’s many challenges
42160Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2015-2016. Decaying social order shows need for philosophy, revolutionThe dialectic and women’s liberation
42223Refugees risk death fleeing war, terror and climate chaos (Ron Kelch)The meaning of revolutionary archivesBlack Lives Matter NOW!
42286Counter-revolution in Middle East shows crisis of humanity (Gerry Emmett)A revolutionary attitude to ArchivesEvolving Black Lives Matter
42349California prisoners battle barbaric U.S. ‘justice’ system (Urszula Wislanka)Black masses, youth and the needed U.S. revolution: philosophy and realityPutin’s retrogressionism
42401Paris climate accord’s suicidal complacency spurs protests (Franklin Dmitryev)Women as thinkers/revolutionariesChicago’s racism on trial; Erdogan slaughters Kurds
42463Women battle war, terrorism and anti-abortion fanatics (Terry Moon)Racism, workers and freedom ideasSyrian Revolution continues
42526Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2016-2017. The need for new beginnings in thought and in actionNixon’s ‘racist mayhem’ lingers today
42589Fires in Canada, drought in India inspire creative revolt (Franklin Dmitryev)Racism, war and Muhammad AliBrexit emboldens the Far Right
42652Fascism rising from Russia to India, from U.S. to Philippines (Gerry Emmett)Nigeria: a retreat, not a victory
42715No to Trump’s counter-revolution! No to fascism! Fight for a new human society! (National Editorial Board
of News and Letters Committees)
Spontaneity of action and organization of thought In memoriam: Hungarian RevolutionStop the Dakota Access Pipeline now!
42767Inauguration of neo-fascism faces widespread revolt (Franklin Dmitryev)Why Phenomenology ? Why now?Freedom and terror define Syria
42828Women take the lead against world retrogression (Terry Moon)Women’s liberation, in fact and in philosophyYemen as world’s future?
42891Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2017-2018. Philosophy and revolt confront Trump’s drive to fascismThe cooperative form of labor vs. abstract labor and despotic plan
42954The struggle for immigrants’ rights challenges humanity (Buddy Bell)A concrete universal: Marx’s Capital (Part I)Trump’s attack on climate and labor; Imperial carve-up of Syria?
43017Rising U.S. racism challenges all freedom movements (Gerry Emmett)A concrete universal: Marx’s Capital (Part II)Venezuela: Which way forward?
43080Puerto Ricans suffer as Donald Trump plays to his racist base (Franklin Dmitryev)On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Historic initiative of the masses and Lenin’s philosophic breakSave the Rohingya, stop the genocide!; Abuser-in-chief trashes women
43132Iranian workers, youth reach for new radical beginnings (Gerry Emmett)Iran: Unfoldment of, and contradictions in, revolutionAlabama Blacks beat Trump-Moore
43193#MeToo, Women’s Marches show the resistance deepens (Terry Moon)Rosa Luxemburg as feministChina: Xi Jinping’s global power grab
43256Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2018-2019. Fighting Trump and his fascist allies in practice and theoryOn the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth New moments in Marx form trail to today
43319Millions denounce Trump’s heinous immigration abuses (Buddy Bell)A return to the Humanism of MarxTrump-Kim "peace" threatens masses
43382Masses vs . capitalism: Climate chaos hangs in the balance (Franklin Dmitryev)Religion, racism and capitalist crisisStop the coming slaughter in Idlib!; Catholic Church laid bare
43445Election deepens illegitimacy of Trump’s minority rule (Ron Kelch and Bob McGuire)Karl Marx’s continuous development of the philosophy of revolution in permanenceMassacre of Jews and rising racism
43497Trump aids capitalism’s attack on labor; workers strike back (Buddy Bell)Rosa Luxemburg’s revolutionary lifeBrazil under Bolsonaro’s heel
43558Women bearing the brunt of reaction lead the resistance (Terry Moon)Women’s liberation, experimentation and revolution in permanenceIs nuclear war on the horizon?; Fighting gun violence
43621Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives, 2019-2020. Humanity’s choice: Freedom and revolution or fascism, war and genocideThe economy and dialectics of liberation
43684Demanding a future, youth lead fight for climate justice (Franklin Dmitryev)China’s youth revolt vs. Mao’s legacyStop Assad’s genocide!
43747Hong Kong masses fight rulers’ grab for power (Bob McGuire)Permanent revolution and the dialecticSupremacists are ‘coming for you!’; Kashmir in our changed world
43810GM strikers fight capital’s drive to impoverish workers (Bob McGuire)Urgently needed in a time of political crisis. Philosophy and revolution as processThe Arab Spring is ongoing











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